Method and apparatus for manufacturing coated metal wire



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a method for manufacturing a coated metal wire, which causes few inclusions of a foreign material in a coating material, can change the coating weight and the diameter of a core wire, and inexpensively manufactures a product with stable quality, and to provide an apparatus for manufacturing the coated metal wire. SOLUTION: This manufacturing method comprises: keeping a vacuum chamber 10 to a decompressed state after having exhausted it; supplying a coating material 3 to a receiving portion 4b of a crucible 4 in the vacuum chamber through a raw material supply port 13; heating the coating material 3 in the crucible 4 into a molten metal 3a with a high-frequency induction heating coil 11; subsequently introducing an inert gas into the vacuum chamber 10 to make the pressure in the vacuum chamber 10 higher than atmospheric pressure; then supplying the molten metal 3a to a coating section 4a through a fine hole 6 provided in a side wall 4c of an inner cylinder; then inserting a core wire 2 into the coating section through the core wire supply port 14; and supplying the core wire 2 through the bath surface of the molten metal 3a and extracting it from the lower part of a mold nozzle 5 while controlling a height of a bath surface of the molten metal 3a in the coating section 4a constant, to coat the surface of the core wire 2 with the coating material 3 and cast it. COPYRIGHT: (C)2005,JPO&NCIPI
【課題】 異物の巻き込みが少なく、被覆材の付着量、芯線径等を変更することができ、品質が安定した製品を低コストで製造することができる被覆金属線の製造方法及び製造装置を提供する。 【解決手段】 真空槽10内を排気して減圧にした状態で、被覆材3を原料供給口13からるつぼ4の保持部4bに供給し、高周波誘導加熱コイル11によりるつぼ4を加熱して被覆材3を溶湯3aにする。次に、真空槽10内に不活性ガスを導入し、真空槽10内を大気圧より高くした後、溶湯3aを内筒の側壁4cに設けられた微細な孔6から被覆部4aに供給した後、芯線供給口14から芯線2を挿入する。そして、被覆部4aの溶湯3aの湯面の高さが一定になるように調節しながら、芯線2を溶湯3aの湯面から供給し鋳型ノズル5の下方から引き抜くことにより、芯線2の表面に被覆材3を被覆すると共に鋳造する。 【選択図】 図1




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