Timber drilling tool



【課題】穿孔作業時、ぶれが生じなく設定中心軸方向へ進み、刃先が破損しにくい穿孔具で作業中の刃先がうける抵抗変化により生ずる曲げモーメントの少ない刃先の形状を持つ木材用穿孔具を提供する。 【解決手段】三角形の切削刃の先端に突出するケガキ刃3をつけることにより、曲げモーメントを抑え、穿孔具の進む方向を定め、設定した中心軸方向に貫通する穿孔作業が可能である。穿孔機フレームの両端に穿孔具を配置し、両方向から切削するので、被加工材への振動が抑えられ作業時間が短縮される。また穿孔具の切削軸1をパイプ状の中空にし、軸内部に圧縮空気を送り、軸末端の切削部位で噴出させ、切削した木屑を案内溝から強制排出させるので高速運転ができる。 【選択図】図1
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a timber drilling tool having such a shape of a blade as showing a small bending moment caused by change of resistance which is given to the cutting edge during operation by the tool, the puncturing tool being able to go to the predetermined central axis direction without deviation and the cutting edge being resistible to breaking. SOLUTION: There is provided a scribing blade 3 projecting to the top edge of a triangle cutting blade, whereby a bending moment can be reduced and it becomes possible to conduct drilling operation penetrating into the predetermined central axis direction. Cutting is conducted starting from the both sides with setting the drilling tools at both end sites of a drilling flame, whereby vibration to the material to be operated can be suppressed to minimize an operation time. The cutting cylinder 1 of the drilling tool is constructed into a hollow pipe, and compressed air is introduced into the inner part of the cylinder and discharged from the cutting site at the edge of the cylinder so as to force the cut wooden powder to take out from a guide ditch, whereby a high speed operation becomes possible. COPYRIGHT: (C)2005,JPO&NCIPI




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