Reel for fishing



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a reel for fishing, so designed that the reel is made to be compact and lightweight as a whole, by decreasing longitudinal length of a sound-producing mechanism which produces a click sound when a spool rotates. SOLUTION: This reel for fishing has the spool 3 which is frictionally coupled with the top part of a spool shaft 9 by a drag unit 10 so as to be rotatable, wherein the spool shaft 9 forward and backward moves when a handle 5 mounted on a reel body 1 is operated and rotated. Further, a sound-producing body 23 mounted on a support part 12 of the spool shaft 9 is engaged with a circular concave-convex area located on an inner peripheral surface of the back part of the spool 3, so that the sound-producing mechanism 20 thus structured produces the click sound when the spool rotates. Furthermore, an opening part of a circular support part 21 for supporting the sound-producing body 23 is positioned so as to face a rotor 2, and a screw member 8 for setting and fastening the rotor 2 is positioned so as to overlap with the sound-producing mechanism 20, when the spool 3 reciprocally moves forward and backward and reaches the most backward position. COPYRIGHT: (C)2005,JPO&NCIPI
【課題】スプールが回転した際にクリック音を発生する発音機構の軸方向長さの短縮化を図ることにより、リール全体のコンパクト化、軽量化が図れる魚釣用リールを提供する。 【解決手段】リール本体1に設けたハンドル5の回転操作によって前後動するスプール軸9の先端部にドラグ装置10によって回転可能に摩擦結合されたスプール3を備え、このスプール3の後部内周に設けた環状凹凸部にスプール軸9の支持部12に設けた発音体23を係合させてスプール回転時の発音機構20を構成する。そして、発音体23を支持する環状支持部21の開口部をロータ側に対向配置させ、スプール3が前後往復動時において最後部に位置したときに、ロータ2を取り付け固定するネジ部材8を発音機構20に対して重合するように位置させる。 【選択図】 図1




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