Method and apparatus for producing u-shaped channel



【課題】 従来の製造方法によっては、流し込み方式に比べ外観が悪く、強度も劣り、低品質なU字溝しかできなかった。成型可能なU字溝も、サイズが限定されていた。 【解決手段】 U字形コンクリート内の成型用コアーを引き抜きながら、成型用コアーと反対側から脱型用コアーを、その外周面をU字形コンクリートの内周面に接触させながら当該コンクリート内へ押し込んで、同コンクリート内の成型用コアーを脱型用コアーと置き換え、その後に、当該U字形コンクリートを脱型用コアーと共にモールドボックスから取り出すU字溝成型方法。モールドボックスと、パレットと、成型用コアーと、成型用コアー移動装置と、プランジャーと、脱型用コアーと、脱型コアー移動装置とを備えたU字溝製造装置。また、前記成型用コアーと脱型用コアーの外形及びその寸法が同一であり、脱型用コアーの先頭部分に、成型用コアーの後端部に差込可能な挿入部を設けたU字溝製造装置。 【選択図】図1
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To solve the following problem: the appearance and strength of a U-shaped channel by a conventional production method are inferior to those by a casting method, the quality of the channel is low, and the size of a moldable U-shaped channel is limited. SOLUTION: In the method for molding a U-shaped channel, while a core for molding in U-shaped concrete is extracted, a core for demolding is pushed into the concrete from the opposite side to the core for molding while its peripheral surface is in contact with the inside surface of the U-shaped concrete, and the core for molding in the concrete is replaced with the core for demolding. After that, the U-shaped concrete is taken out with the core for demolding from a mold box. The apparatus for producing the U-shaped channel has the mold box, a pallet, the core for molding, an apparatus for moving the core for molding, a plunger, the core for demolding, and an apparatus for moving the core for demolding. In the apparatus for producing the U-shaped channel, the outside diameters and sizes of the core for molding and the core for demolding are equal to each other, and an insertion part which can be inserted into the rear end part of the core for molding is installed in the head part of the core for demolding. COPYRIGHT: (C)2005,JPO&NCIPI




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