Method for erasing echo, apparatus for implementing the same, program, and storage medium



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a method for erasing an echo for suppressing an increase in the amount of computing processing by commonly using a discrete frequency converter and an inverse dispersion frequency converter shared in an echo eraser and other signal processing units when the echo eraser and the other signal processing unit are combined, and to provide an apparatus for implementing the method, a program and a storage medium. SOLUTION: The method for erasing the echo having an odd number component imaginary part extraction unit 109 for obtaining a new array includes a step of generating a synthetic signal frequency conversion coefficient by multiplying an estimated value of the discrete frequency conversion efficiency of an impulse response by the discrete frequency conversion coefficient of an array of a reference signal at each corresponding discrete frequency, and a step of extracting only a component corresponding to an imaginary part when the array is discrete frequency converted from the array to the array having a coefficient corresponding to the odd-numbered discrete frequency, when the lowest discrete frequency is set to 0-th and a number is given to each discrete frequency in the synthetic signal frequency conversion coefficient. The apparatus for implementing the method, the program, and the storage medium are provided. COPYRIGHT: (C)2005,JPO&NCIPI
【課題】 反響消去装置と他の信号処理部とを組み合わせた場合に、離散周波数変換部、逆離散周波数変換部を反響消去装置と他の信号処理部とで共用し、演算処理量の増加を抑制する反響消去方法、この方法を実施する装置、プログラム、記憶媒体を提供する。 【解決手段】 インパルス応答の離散周波数変換係数の推定値と参照信号の配列の離散周波数変換係数とを対応する離散周波数毎に乗算して合成信号周波数変換係数を生成し、合成信号周波数変換係数において、最も低い離散周波数を0番目として各離散周波数に番号を付与したとき、奇数番目の離散周波数に対応する係数からなる配列に対して、その配列から、その配列を逆離散周波数変換した場合の虚数部に対応する成分のみを抽出して新たな配列を得る奇数成分虚数部抽出部109を有する反響消去方法、この方法を実施する装置、プログラム、記憶媒体。 【選択図】 図1




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