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US-2017225155-A1: Modified solid polyalkylaluminoxane and catalyst for olefin oliogomerization reaction patent, US-2017229102-A1: Techniques for descriptor overlay superimposed on an asset patent, US-2017231822-A1: Wound dressing patent, US-2017240540-A1: 3-alkyl-5-fluoro-4-substituted-imino-3,4-dihydropyrimidin-2(1h)-one derivatives as fungicides patent, US-2017240746-A1: Reduced moisture pickup in polyol-containing mineral filler products patent, US-2017241877-A1: System and method for desorbing and detecting an analyte sorbed on a solid phase microextraction device patent, US-2017246665-A1: Vibration motor patent, US-2017263598-A1: Semiconductor device patent, US-2017273330-A1: Liquid creamers containing a combination of natural oil soluble and water dispersible antioxidants patent, US-2017278986-A1: Solar cell panel patent, US-2017281008-A1: System and method for identifying physical properties of feet patent, US-2017285295-A1: Copper-titanium Alloy Foil Having Plated Layer patent, US-2017287481-A1: System and method to insert visual subtitles in videos patent, US-2017290563-A1: Automatic tracking and registration of ul trasound probe using optica shape sensing without tip fixation patent, US-2017291732-A1: Carton With Article Protection Features patent, US-2017291877-A1: Antimicrobial imidazolium compounds patent, US-2017302880-A1: Monitored Mobile Personal Substance Testing System patent, US-2017303119-A1: Information processing system, method of obtaining monitor information, and sensor device patent, US-2017308191-A1: Interactive system and method thereof for controlling multiple remote devices patent, US-2017308270-A1: Learning user interface patent, US-2017309283-A1: Audio encoder, audio decoder, methods for encoding and decoding an audio signal, and a computer program patent, US-2017312186-A1: Custom-made artificial nipple patent, US-2017312569-A1: Posture training device and method of using the same patent, US-2017313116-A1: Thermally printable paper article with elastic underlayer patent, US-2017320309-A1: Composite wood flooring and method of making the same patent, US-2017323808-A1: Apparatus for manufacture of at least two solar cell arrangements, system for manufacture of at least two shingled solar cells, and method for manufacture of at least two solar cell arrangements patent, US-2017324096-A1: Electrodes, compositions, and devices having high structure carbon blacks patent, US-2017332198-A1: Map Based Feedback Loop for Vehicle Observation patent, US-2017332656-A1: Applicator for applying liquid coatings patent, US-2017334873-A1: Kdm1a inhibitors for the treatment of disease patent, US-2017335745-A1: Waste heat recovery integrated cooling module patent, US-2017341324-A1: Air valve combining typed polyurethane foam ejection device for tire patent, US-2017342171-A1: Water dispersion of gel particles, producing method thereof, and image forming method patent, US-2017349435-A1: Process for producing a synthesis gas patent, US-2017349694-A1: Degradable polyurethanes containing thioaminal groups patent, US-2017350562-A1: Lighting device having a pumping light unit and luminescent element patent, US-2017352792-A1: Semiconductor light source patent, US-2017366955-A1: Methods and systems for handover of an emergency call between different wireless networks patent, US-2017370755-A1: Fluid level measurement patent, US-2017370765-A1: System and method for measuring grain cart weight patent, US-2017372387-A1: Methods, Systems, and Devices for Pushing and Displaying Information patent, US-2017373229-A1: Light conversion device and display device comprising same patent, US-2018002240-A1: Sustainable Supply of Recipe Components for Ceramic Composites Produced by Hydrothermal Liquid Phase Sintering patent, US-2018002636-A1: Cleaning product patent, US-2018009154-A1: Thermoforming device, mold assembly, mold, and method patent, US-2018012951-A1: Display device patent, US-2018020576-A1: Data Centre patent, US-2018025760-A1: Apparatuses and methods including nested mode registers patent, US-2018026301-A1: All solid state battery patent, US-2018027282-A1: Method and apparatus for referencing, filtering, and combining content patent, US-2018027442-A1: Periodic channel state information reporting for time division duplex (tdd) carrier aggregation systems patent, US-2018030405-A1: Devices, systems and methods for the production of humanized gut commensal microbiota patent, US-2018030934-A1: Engine system patent, US-2018034069-A1: Ferritic stainless steel material, separator, polymer electrolyte fuel cell, and method for producing separator patent, US-3270033-A: Nu-oleoylpyrrolidine patent, US-3550474-A: Transmission and final drive units patent, US-2015051395-A1: Sulfonamide derivative and medicinal use thereof patent, US-2015093457-A1: Topical Compositions Comprising Fermented Extracts of Traditional Chinese Medicinal (TCM) Ingredients, and Methods of Making and Using Same patent, US-2015287797-A1: High-voltage metal-oxide semiconductor transistor and method of fabricating the same patent, US-2015332274-A1: Biometric recognition method with speed and security feature suitable for pos/atm applications patent, US-2016096827-A1: Tank-binding kinase inhibitor compounds patent, US-2016119762-A1: Group bearer and bearer selection for multicast/broadcast data transmissions patent, US-2016139723-A1: User interface with touch sensor patent, US-2016141620-A1: A long-life, high-rate lithium/sulfur cell utilizing a holistic approach to enhancing cell performance patent, US-2016236457-A1: Elastic Composite Film and Composite Fabric and Production Processes Thereof patent, US-2016243607-A1: Spring forming device and forming method therefor patent, US-2016272700-A1: High concentration formulations of anti-c5 antibodies patent, US-2016355478-A1: Therapeutic agents patent, US-2017081277-A1: Amphoteric compounds patent, US-2017293222-A1: Increasing and controlling sensitivity of non-linear metallic thin-film resists patent, US-2017302395-A1: Patch antenna array for transmission of hermite-gaussian and laguerre gaussian beams patent, US-2017306168-A1: Antifouling coating composition, antifouling coating film formed using said composition, and coated article having antifouling coating film on surface patent, US-2015191423-A1: Fluorinated carbonyl compounds comprising a triple bond, methods for their manufacture and uses thereof patent, US-2015194567-A1: Method and Structure for LED with Nano-Patterned Substrate patent, US-2015203439-A1: Aminoalcohol lipidoids and uses thereof patent, US-2015225992-A1: Money storage device and money storage device managing system patent, US-2015250052-A1: Method for producing printed wiring board patent, US-2015270384-A1: Trench power mosfet and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-2015318017-A1: Method for cleaning glass substrate patent, US-2015329440-A1: LIGAND COMPOUND, CATALYST SYSTEM FOR OLEFIN OLIGOMERIZATION, AND METHOD FOR OLEFIN OLIGOMERIZATION USING THE SAME (As Amended) patent, US-2016126161-A1: Semiconductor package patent, US-2016204433-A1: Lithium titanate powder, active material, and energy storage device using the same patent, US-2016258674-A1: Refrigerator and control method of the same patent, US-2016264547-A1: Herbicidal Compounds patent, US-2016300793-A1: Wafer with plated wires and method of fabricating same patent, US-2016316278-A1: Adding to a Remote Playlist patent, US-2016332952-A1: Terpene-derived acids and esters and methods for preparing and using same patent, US-2016348348-A1: Sanitary applicator for self-adhesive compositions patent, US-2017154201-A1: Fingerprint sensing device patent, US-2017205776-A1: Report of servicing network, time zone and uci patent, US-2017267637-A1: Modified Amino Acids patent, US-2015136780-A1: Container for Foodstuffs, in Particular Coffee, Method for its Production and Method for Packing a Foodstuff patent, US-2015202255-A1: Treatment and diagnosis of inflammatory disorders and hiv patent, US-2015215921-A1: Methods And Systems For Enabling Feedback In Wireless Communication Networks patent, US-2015221896-A1: Ambipolar, light-emitting field-effect transistors patent, US-2015257811-A1: System And method For Providing Targeted Ablation Of Parathyroidal Tissue Through Adjuvant Therapy patent, US-2015262996-A1: Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing same patent, US-2015301197-A1: Intrinsic complex halide elpasolite scintillators and methods of making and using same patent, US-2015382038-A1: Multicasting multiview 3d video patent, US-2016067976-A1: Ink cartridge for ink jet recording apparatus, connection unit and ink jet recording apparatus patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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